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HQ vinyl cleaners

    HQ1 £13 + £3.20 p/p

    HQ2 £15 + £3.20 p/p

    HQ3 £16 + £3.20 p/p


 HQ1 standard IPA/surfactant

 HQ2 strong for boot fair vinyl

 HQ3 advanced rinse - also used

        for new vinyl


      £3 bottle refund for repeat
   purchase of HQ1/2/3 (p/p paid)

     Please ask for details

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MK1 mods £21 + £4.20 p/p

MK2 mods £21 + £4.20 p/p

Now with 5 year guarantee

Post your clamps

address at bottom of page


Also include:
White 45rpm/7in adapter
name & address
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Vinyl Record

Cleaning Clamp

MK2 £53 + £4.20 p/p






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Vinyl Record

Cleaning Clamp

MK1 £46 + £4.20 p/p


also: WBVRCC

(for cleaning in sink)

£19 + £4.20 p/p

(see pic bottom of page)

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FK1 [Filter Kit1]

cap - funnel - jug

microfibre cloth

+12 Whatman91 filters

FK1 £18 + £4.20 p/p

Extra filters

Whatman filters x6

£1.80 + £1 p/p

FK2 'post' filters x6

£1.70 + £1 p/p

Filter Cloth

(fits Knosti filter kit)

cloth x3 £3.50 + £1 p/p

(see pics at bottom of page)

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by bank transfer


or PayPal


About us

Already a hi-fi enthusiast when I joined KEF in 1977

I worked on the Reference 105 and later on the 105mk2

checking - testing -  listening

An avid devotee of the vinyl medium I developed a range of cleaners

that effectively remove dust dirt and static from vinyl records

Other products:  modified Knosti clamps - my own designed clamps - filter kits



Opening hours

Monday to Friday 09: 00 - 18: 30

Saturday 09:00 - 17:00


Product details e-mailed to customer on request

Overseas customers [USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc]: please e-mail for shipping prices

Apologies to my E.U. customers:

Due to problems with customs regulations I have had to stop deliveries until further notice

HQ1  HQ2  &  HQ3 for U.K. customers only


Name: Mark Fletcher

Address: 9 Union Lane, Stanhope, Bishop Auckland, Co Durham, DL13 2UZ

United Kingdom

Mobile:  phone or text  078 2124 2786

e-mail:  highqual@mafproducts.com


@ highqual.co.uk 2021